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  1) Just to say it, sorry about the confusion where we said we were going fix a bug with mobile Soothing Mist and then wound up removing it this build. We made the latter decision a few days later. Briefly--with Soothing Mist changing so much between Legion and BFA, the impact of mobile Soothing would have gone from "a small filler heal can be cast while moving" to "all 5 of your core heals can now be cast while moving." The latter is something we avoid on healers.

  2) Any details on ReM overwriting itself would be good. It should not be trying to jump unless there is an injured target that doesn't already have your Renewing Mist on them.

  Thanks for all the followup on Renewing Mist. In an upcoming beta build, we're likely going to try having Renewing Mist automatically try to jump, if you cast a new one that would overwrite it.

  1、这么说吧,对于之前我们说要修复移动中引导抚慰之雾的BUG(应该是瞬发氤氲活血需要站定施放的BUG)结果却在这个build(26476)中移除了移动抚慰之雾,我们表示抱歉。这个决定是我们几天之后做出的。简而言之,抚慰之雾从Legion到BFA经历了巨大的变化,移动抚慰之雾的影响将从“移动时可以施放的一个小填充技能”变为“移动时可以使用你的5个核心治疗技能(其实就是织雾的所有治疗技能了)”,对于一个治疗职业来说,后者是我们想要避免的(build 26476中,[缭绕之雾]将不再能够移动中使用抚慰之雾)。